Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Being a military family you either LOVE orders... or hate them. They can mean fun, new adventures or your husband leaving for another tour without the family.

I loved getting orders to Korea. I knew it was a once in a lifetime experience and I couldn't wait for the moving truck to show up!

Here we are... waiting for orders again. Exciting or scary? Both.

We finally got them... James is leaving for Saudi Arabia for 14 months.

I knew it was a possibility, but I thought for sure it would change. The Army always changes things. It's not changing. He is really going.

After the initial shock, I picked up my heart and am starting to prepare. Bringing it up a little at a time with the kids. I don't want to wait until the last minute and surprise them with "DADDY is leaving for a whole year and will miss Holidays, Sadie walking, Birthdays, Anniversary, Loose teeth, scraped knees," you get the picture.

I have found a few resources for the kids that I plan on contacting. They will love any extra reminder of Daddy. I'm sure. So will I.

This will be the hardest thing I will ever have to do as a mom. Three young kids. I can do it though, because I love them... and I love him.

From now until he returns I'm sure this blog will become a way of life for me. A way to tell our story. A way that my non-military friends and family can try to understand.

We will only be 7658 Miles apart. No big deal.... right?

This is our life though. I love him and no matter where he travels or for how long... I will wait. 

My mind is still processing things. I'm sure I will be writing more on this topic once things settle down. Right now we are just gearing up for the holiday season. I still can't help thinking "We won't have this next year."

We will conquer this.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sharing- A Mircle PCS Story

If you're a normal person.... you have moved once or twice you whole life. It's stressful, tough, exhausting.

If you're Military... then you have probably moved 10- 15 times!! Sometimes once every year! People who fall into this category deserve a trophy... and a thing of Oreos. Seriously.

I wanted to share this amazing story with you guys. It's AH-MAZING! This is NOT my story.

Here's the video. Then read their story. The original post came from

We will be moving again in the next 6-7 months and I am already thinking about starting to pack. Or maybe having a HUGE garage sale and everything I haven't touched in 2-3 yeas be $1. Moving makes you realize how much crap you really have!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

I LOVE your beautiful mess.


The other day I was out with K grabbing some groceries. When I got home my husband said my friend stopped by.

First thing I thought.... "Oh my gosh.... Please, oh please, tell me she didn't come in."

My house... was beyond messy. It was worse than a herd of elephants running through. Wait... Maybe even worse than that. It was HORRIBLE. I had fantastic excuses (Headache, feud with trash man, about to pack for a trip, just cooked, dishwasher broken, my give-a-damn is busted). Anyways, it was bad.

She came in.

I started to tear up out of embarrassment. And.... started to clean. Not sure why because she has already witnessed this horror show!

I sent her a text. "I absolutely LOVE you but I am mortified you saw my house such a mess."

She replied with "I LOVE your beautiful mess."

That's just it... Our life is not always pretty. We spend so much time trying to polish ourselves on the outside to make people think we have it all together on the inside. We want our kids to behave like angels in public when in reality they climb the walls at home. We want our guests that visit our home to think w don't live there. We don't want to be in family pictures because we want FB to think we are 50 lbs. lighter. We want people to think we don't have a dog... when in fact he was the best 4 legged thing that happened to us! And black yoga pants? Yes, please!! Make-up and matching clothes are optional over here sister girl!

Why can't we just love our beautiful mess? Why do we try to paint some crazy picture of life when it never goes as planned? It's ok to be normal. It's ok to admit... "HEY, THIS IS AN OFF WEEK FOR ME."

Well.... This is ME. I'm screaming on the to of my lungs that I'm NOT perfect. I have 6 loads of laundry piled on my bed. No wait, it's now overflowing TWO baskets on the floor because I'm about to go to bed. There's dishes in my sink. Dog hair. Yep, I said it. My towels are just thrown on the rack. My kids pretty much get their clothes out of the dryer. What's a closet for anyways?

You always dream about finding a friend you can show your "mess" to. (Although, I still wish my trash was taken out!! BUT We are feuding with the trash truck guy and he skipped our house last week. That's another story though.)

This year I am going to learn how to love me. My beautiful mess and all. I am going to be BRAVE... and 100% honest.

*Side note: Are y'all wondering why my friend stopped by?? Ok, ok... I'll tell you. She brought me a 12 pack of soda (It has Christmas holly on the package...I'm obsessed with Christmas) and fresh flowers. She is the most amazing friend. I feel so incredibly blessed that God emailed her to me. (That's how we met, over email. Ha!) You got mail. No seriously, you do!

She is an amazing woman and a great example of selflessness. I want to learn from her.

She gets me.

I've watched Grey's since it started and for people who watch it.. They will understand.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Usborne Books- Review

Books... How important are they to you and your family?
We love books. I started collecting books before I was 18 years old for my future kids. That was over 12 years ago. We need books that are going to last year after year, kid after kid. I don't allow toys during nap time, but I allow books. I don't travel with toys in the diaper bag, but I do bring books. I feel like books are very important in your day to day life. I read at night to relax, to get lost in a fictional world, to learn how to cook, to understand why my child is peeing on the floor instead of in the toilet. We use books EVERY SINGLE DAY with our homeschooling curriculum. We read to get closer to God, to help find ways to strengthen our marriage, and even to learn how to grieve after we lose someone.
With all that being said, why don't we invest more into our children's books?
For my son's 3rd birthday party I asked all of his guests to bring books as gifts. Kids have so many toys. They play with them for awhile and then it's on to the next cool gadget. Books can last forever. They help our kids use their imaginations. They help them learn about such a wide variety of subjects. If your child is a die hard Mario fan... (Had to bring him up!) you can search and find books about him to keep your child interested. Books make up such an important part of our intellectual being! Books stimulate our brains! I don't know about you, but after so many years of "Mommy Brain" my brain needs some stimulation! Ha!
I even have books from when my older sister was a child. Books over 30 years old.
So, when I was asked to do a review on Usborne books I probably screamed a little out of excitement. I enjoy reviewing products that I LOVE. I enjoy doing reviews even more of products my kids LOVE. This was a very easy decision for me.
I know you're probably thinking what makes Usborne Books different from going to "WallyWorld" and buying some. First off, you would be supporting someone local. I love that! This is a direct sales company that strives on a personal experience when choosing your books. The books are high quality and very educational. (Win Win in my opinion!) They also offer over 2,000 books to choose from! That means it doesn't matter what age group you're looking for... They carry it!
So, we were given TWO books from Tanya, who is an independent consultant for Usborne Books & More. (She's the best!)
She picked:
"Baby's very first touchy- feely animals book" by USBORNE (Enter our giveaway at the bottom to win this book!)
"Secerts of the Seashore" by Carron Brown & Alyssa Nassner.

The touchy-feely book is perfect for my girls. K can read it, identify every animal, make the sound, and NOT destroy it! She loves pop-up and touch books but tends to be rough on them. She did great with this book since the different types of materials are made into the pages. We even shared the book with S who loved to drool and chew on the pages. It is still in one piece and being read daily. I also love that before each animal it lists an adjective describing what the child is feeling. I don't know how many 2 year olds are saying Velvety and Furry, but mine is! There are also no sentences in the book which make books hard for K to sit through the whole thing. Fun colors and chunky pages made this a favorite in K's opinion.
Then we got to explore the second book. Oh my, I am in love!!! If there is any activity that speaks to my kids, it's FLASHLIGHTS! What a great way to draw in children a little longer when it comes to reading.
I could go on and on about this book, but I wanted to share a little video of L reading it. Remember... he is only FIVE!!!
This was such a fun way for us to sit down and spend time together while still learning. L is just learning how to read, so this also gave him a challenge. Which every mom likes! We incorporated this with his homeschool lesson about sea life. In the back there is a "There's More" page that lists ideas for the kids to do while out exploring. It encourages the kids to become more hands on when at the beach. I feel like this book will be something fun we can reference several times during our school year. The illustrations are super cute and the lettering was easy to read. Not enough pages to overwhelm them, but just enough to make an in-depth story time. L now can draw sea anemones!
After L and K looked at the catalog I let them make a wish list. I then talked to L about what he wanted for Christmas and to my surprise BOOKS were all over his list! This is one proud momma.
I decided to open up a party under Tanya incase anyone was interested in ordering from her. L and K would love to earn a few more books to add to our growing collection.
Here is the link if you're interested in seeing what Usborne has to offer. They have more than JUST books. Tanya is VERY helpful and fast when it comes to answering your questions. Ordering is quick too so these would be prefect for Christmas!
Her Facebook page is Reading Under the Usborne Tree.  Please 'like" her page and show her some love! She deserves it!
WHO LOVES FREE BOOKS???? Enter our giveaway here:" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you have any questions for me please ask away! I am happy to give you honest feed back. If you're interested in me reviewing one of your products please email me at for more information.
*I do NOT accept compensation for reviews other than the actual product I am testing.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I'm THAT mom... and I'm perfectly fine with that.


It's kind of like a club.... or maybe I should say a cult. Once you join... the only way to get out is to cross over to heaven. Seriously.

Some days you want to scream. Who am I kidding? Every day you want to scream.

I spend my days filtering my thoughts. What would people think if I posted this on Facebook? 

"How much Disney JR did I let them watch today? Did I really just say yes to cookies and milk for breakfast? Did my kids eat a vegetable with all 3 meals today?... Seriously, I just want to make sure they had 3 meals! Has the dog had food today? Oh my goodness... we have a fish. Has the fish been fed at all this week? A week... when was the last time I showered? I really think I just sent the kid to bed without brushing their teeth. Do I dare wake them back up to prevent cavities in teeth that are about to fall out? Wait... Did I brush my teeth this morning? Oh crap... it's 10 pm and my coffee is still sitting on the Krieg machine. Cold. Speaking of cold... I need to get my kids winter jackets. Winter in TX? Yeah I know... last year we all wore flip flops in the snow. Could I chance it again this year? Probably not. I'll go look tomorrow. Oh man... Tomorrow I have so much to do. Laundry. Yes, THAT'S what I need to do tomorrow. I have about 7 loads washed and dried. I think we have crossed over to Mt. Laundry... instead of a slightly filled laundry basket. Great... I just realized I wore the same thing I wore yesterday. I hope no one saw me while grocery shopping. Grocery shopping... can't believe I forgot half my list. The list would have worked better if I didn't leave it at home. Home sweet home... Or should I say Home Sweet Mess. I need to clean. How can I clean when all I want to do is rest? Do you hear that?? All the kids are resting. It's silent. I guess I'll go take that shower. Water running... BAHHHHHHHH!!!! Someone flushed the toilet. Old houses mean you can't flush the toilet while someone is showering or you will give them a 3rd degree burn! Maybe that was my husband. Wait... he is home? I feel like we haven't seen each other in days. We need a date night. What is a date night? Can we date at home? Speaking of dating... Did the kids eat dinner before they went to bed?"

I read an article someone posted on Facebook about "21 reasons you should be thankful you don't have kids yet." Not going to lie... I could have written it. It was so true.

I'm not saying don't have kids. What I'm saying is... My house is an amazing form of birth control. Instead of showing "16 and pregnant" in hopes that it will help lower the percentage of teen pregnancies... just film us.

Tonight I looked at the clock... It was 11:37 PM. Yes, I basically said midnight. All THREE kids... (not 1, not 2, but 3) were all awake dancing around the living room. Ok, not the baby. She was just watching and saying a "coo" every now and then. I took a deep breath and I said to myself "Mallory, you're doing a great job. Give yourself grace. The babies are loved and they are the happiest they can be. Nothing else matters at this very moment.

Throw the parenting books out. Stop asking FB if you're doing the right thing. Just love them. Let them be kids. Let them learn every minute of every day. Show them they are all you ever dreamed of. Lead by example. You can't teach your child to stop and smell the roses if you don't stop yourself my friends. You're going to make mistakes. You will probably lose your temper more than once. It's ok. Children are forgiving little humans. They don't care if you don't make everything you pin on Pinterest. They won't hate you for always having your phone in your hand. They won't hold it against you because you formula fed or breast fed in public. They won't even notice if you didn't make all their organic baby food from scratch. *Gasp, I know.* They will remember all the good and how much they were loved. I look back at my childhood and my mom didn't have all the books telling her what she was doing wrong. She yelled! She grounded us! She made mistakes! And I love her more than ever because she was HER. I'm so thankful that she instilled pieces of herself in me.

                                                 Over in our house.... We are living folks!

For real now... Everyone is asleep. Even K who is spending the first night in her BIG girl bed. She was having a rough time so her knight in shining armor came to her rescue. Seeing him do things like this make me fall in love all over again. I love this family. To the moon and back. Now... Off to get my 4 hours of sleep! Goodnight <3 nbsp="" p="">